Do It Yourself Guide to iPod Battery Replacement

When your battery passes away, its time for a brand-new iPod. As an outcome, makers have actually started producing aftermarket iPod batteries for a DIY mindful manufacturer. There are even high capability batteries that will generally offer you more playtime on your iPod in contrast to the initial iPod batteries.

Aftermarket iPod batteries were created to make the setup as basic as possible (it wasn’t actually all that challenging to start with anyhow). Because the iPod does not consist of any screws, the housing should be pried off in order to access the internal battery. A guitar choice has actually been advised to do the task, however even much better, some batteries come with the non scratch nylon tools needed to open your iPod securely.

Below are some directions on how to install your battery. I understand that there are more than one
Actions to set up the battery:

– Lay your iPod on a piece of fabric o non scratch surface area. Utilizing your non scratch tools, gradually place it under the cover and start to pry off the cover.

– The iPod is essentially made from 2 halves. With both halves separated, put the empty shell aside.
You will see that the battery is linked to the primary circuit board of your iPod. Thoroughly disconnect the old battery by pulling on the end of the port.

– Get your brand-new battery and plug in into the port socket on your iPod’s circuit board. The port will just enter one method so do ensure you place it the proper way up.

– Once it’s all linked up, put the cover back on by pushing the edges of the 2 halves together.

– Plug your battery charger in and let your brand-new iPod charge up for a minimum of 4 hours. All brand-new batteries ought to get a longer than typical charge the very first time around.


Author: Myra Stellar

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